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Current Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteer opportunities require a 6-month minimum commitment

Bookstore Timeline Research

Duties: Under the guidance of a researcher, consult historical documents to help construct a timeline of booksellers in the Ann Arbor area from the time of the city’s settlement to the present. 

Required qualifications: 

* Ability to read and write standard English

*Demonstrated organizational and time management skills

*Ability to work in teams as well as individually

*Commitment to accuracy and thoroughness

*Patience and attention to detail 

Nice to have:

*Basic spreadsheet skills and ability to learn software applications

*Experience with data entry

*Interest in local history

*Ability to distinguish primary from secondary historical documents

Online Event Calendar Coordinator

The Ann Arbor Book Society strives to be the go-to place for all local book-related news and events, and one of the most important resources we offer to this end is the monthly events calendar located on our website. Our goal is to maintain a comprehensive and inclusive calendar of book-related events taking place in Ann Arbor. In order to accomplish this, we rely on dedicated volunteers to search a variety of online resources to find local book events and input them into our online calendar. Events include but are not limited to: all book-related events taking place at Ann Arbor independent bookstores, universities, libraries, churches, and other organizations, book festivals, and book sales. This task usually takes between five to six hours a month and all events for a given month are expected to be posted by the first of that month.

Please visit our online calendar page to learn what types of events are included.

BookTown Map Distributor

The Ann Arbor Book Society prints and distributes a free BookTown Map listing Ann Arbor’s independent bookstores, nonprofit book resellers, and libraries to book-related organizations and hotels. We are looking for a volunteer who can distribute the maps to our various drop-off locations and research and create relationships with new potential drop-off locations to broaden our reach. This volunteer would also be responsible for keeping track of the frequency and quantity of maps to each location to ensure locations remain stocked.

Candidates for this position must have/be:

–Reliable transportation




–A strong communicator

Examples of drop-off locations include:

  • Literati Bookstore
  • Nicola’s Bookstore
  • Vault of Midnight
  • Kiwanis Thrift Sale
  • PTO Thrift Shop
  • Bell Tower Hotel

Social Media Administrator

The Ann Arbor Book Society is looking for someone who enjoys working with social media to expand our reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram. The administrator would be responsible for finding local and other book-related content to share to engage with our followers and connect them with Ann Arbor’s unique book culture. 

The ideal candidate will:

–Be a book lover familiar with Ann Arbor’s book community

–Have experience growing social media followers

–Be self-directed

–Have excellent communication skills


Are you interested in exploring Ann Arbor’s unique book culture? We need writers to discover and write about local, book-related people, events, programs, and organizations for our website and monthly newsletters. Candidates must have strong communication and writing skills and be comfortable with, and knowledgeable of, the process of interviewing subjects.

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