Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

If you, or a kid in your life, was a fan of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Series, I definitely suggest his newest series on Magnus Chase and the gods of the North. Magnus Chase is the narrator for all three books (The Sword of SummerThe Hammer of Thor, and yet-to-be-released The Ship of the Dead). As someone who loves Norse mythology, these books were a wonderful twist on the gods. Riordan has an interesting sense of humor in his characters that is somewhat dark in places and sarcastically toned, but perfectly aligned with their experiences. I enjoy reading young adult books that let you escape into a different world. While there are times that these characters are existing in current-day Boston, they are just one step away from a portal to the famous tree: Yggdrasil, and back in Asgard. If you like Marvel’s take on Norse myths, or you’re a fan of the original myths, be ready to take on a new, but still loyal, viewpoint of some of the major deities, and get an introduction to some you may not have heard of as much.

–Melanie Baldwin
Friends of the AADL Book Shop Director

Featured in May 2017 newsletter