New General Manager at Nicola’s Books

Congratulations to Linda Caine, who recently retired from her position as general manager of Nicola’s Books. As a true book lover, Linda will remain on the staff.

Current Nicola’s Books staff member and longtime Ann Arbor bookseller Meagen Kucaj has been named as the new general manager and moved into this role in early September. Meagen has been working in the Ann Arbor book scene since 1995. She came to Ann Arbor to work for Borders and was a manager at their downtown and Arborland locations. After leaving Borders she worked at Shaman Drum Bookshop, as a publicity and events manager, until the store closed in 2009. Shaman Drum was a magical and life-changing experience that gave Meagen a deep love for independent bookstores. She met her husband at Shaman Drum, becoming one of five co-worker couples to marry there. Her son became the fifth “book baby” from these unions, which she thinks is an incredibly cool legacy for the renowned store. She started working at Nicola’s Books a few years ago and is very excited to take the helm of the beloved independent bookshop. After devoting her entire career to the book industry, she is thrilled to be working with such an incredible staff of dedicated book lovers in Ann Arbor.

Featured in October 2017 newsletter