University of Michigan Ginsberg Center

Address: 1024 Hill St.

Steward: The Ginsberg Center

The Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning  launched the first-ever Little Free Library on a University of Michigan campus in 2015.  The Library features paper cutout designs of the Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan, with a J.K. Rowling quote along the top.

The Center has been home to the America Reads tutoring program for nearly twenty years, and the Little Free Library was established to provide greater access to books for patrons of all ages and backgrounds.  The Library travelled to various campus locations in the fall of 2014, and was ‘planted’ on the Center’s front porch in the spring of 2015.  Since that time, theme months have been utilized to promote the Library and highlight important topics including banned books, Black History Month and Women’s History Month. Theme months have provided a literacy-based platform for important topics, such as free speech, women’s equality, civil rights and black history.  University students, staff and faculty, and broader community members make use of the Library’s selections with titles coming and going on a weekly basis. 

–Erin Byrnes
Lead, Democratic Engagement
Ginsberg Center

Featured in March 2018 newsletter