Ann Arbor District Library

The Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) is an award-winning library system that has received a five-star rating from Library Journal since it began its rating system in 2008. The library system consists of a main library in downtown Ann Arbor, and four branch libraries strategically located around Ann Arbor, easily accessible by bus. Committed to being a community resource, the AADL is well-known for its annual Summer Game, diversity of creative programming, and extensive collection of non-traditional materials available for borrowing, including musical instruments, lawn games, and wall art. The library also supports the local writing community through its publishing imprint, Fifth Avenue Press, and hosts Pulp, a blog dedicated to Ann Arbor’s arts culture. Find out how to acquire a library card here.

Visit to find out more about the many ways the AADL connects with the community.

Here’s an AADL game code!