Vault of Midnight


Owners: Stephan Fodale – The Numbers Guy and Financial Wunderkind. Curtis Sullivan – The Blowhard and Comic Enthusiast.

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Comics, Graphic Novels & Board Games


219 S. Main St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

95A Monroe Center St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

1225 Liberty St.
Detroit, MI 48226

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734 -998-1413

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11 am – 8 pm
11 am – 10 pm

Indie Interview

What inspired you to open a comic book shop? We love comic books and someone dared us to.

What do you think accounts for the increased interest in comics and graphic novels in the mainstream? Comics are great and it’s socially acceptable to be a nerd and for girls to like comics in this modern day. Movies have helped a little, too.

What has been your favorite part of owning and/or working in a bookstore? Sharing our love of comic books with the communities we exist within. Being here for two decades has allowed us to watch people grow from children to parents and bring it back full circle with their own little comic fans. 

What has been your greatest challenge running a bookstore?  Staying plugged in to the comic world is a full time job of reading and learning. As we’ve grown and opened new stores, managing growth and making sure our employees are taken care of has become a great consideration. 

What role do you think books (and comics) and bookstores play in the culture of Ann Arbor? Ann Arbor is a book town and we think that comic books are as vibrant and varied as all of the storytelling mediums. Our goal is to put them front and center with all the other bestselling paper paged entertainment and learning choices. It’s important to keep people engaged with the real physical world in a day when it’s so easy to just fall into the internet.

How would you describe your store to someone who has never visited? A bright, enthusiastic funhouse teeming with art and writing, working in concert, to dazzle your heart and mind. We love comics and we love you.