Downtown Home and Garden Book Nook

Downtown Home & Garden Book Nook

210 S. Ashley, Downtown Ann Arbor


Downtown Home & Garden (DHG) is a gem within the retail landscape of Ann Arbor. The go-to place for items from outdoor furniture, gardening tools, outdoor gear and bird seed, to cooking utensils, locally-sourced coffee and pastries, and an unparalleled selection of Polish pottery, DHG is a one-stop-shop for houseware gifts for yourself and others. But it’s less known as a destination for book lovers, which is sure to change!


Hiding behind racks of Carhartt and Stormy Kromer clothing and Muck boots is DHG’s Book Nook, a thoughtfully handpicked selection of books on a variety of topics of interest to lovers of the outdoors, selected by resident book buyer Kay Marsh. From fishing and hunting guides and books on Michigan waterfalls to books on wild foraging,  and collections of essays about animals and nature, the Book Nook resembles the well-stocked gift shop of a state park visitor center.


In addition to books for nature lovers are books for gardeners, woodworkers, and cooks, though the cookbooks are found in the newly expanded kitchenware section of the store. Among the children’s toys and games is also a nice selection of books, and other items traditionally found in bookstores, like greeting cards, puzzles, and calendars can also be found throughout the store.  ​​

Be sure to add books to your list of gifts to buy from Downtown Home & Garden as you complete your shopping this holiday season. You’re sure to find unique titles for many people on your list, and will likely find a few for yourself as well!

Featured in November 2020 newsletter

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