The broken family in Elmet belongs in a different era. In fact, if not for the mention of modern technology like phones and cars, this book might be set in the time of Robin Hood. Strong and endlessly capable, the prize-fighting father is looking to homestead quietly with his daughter and son, living off the land. This proves very difficult, though, when you do not own the property and the owner wants payment.

There is a timeless honor and integrity about this father but there is also violence and insanity just beneath the surface. The children are odd and feral, existing best with their own pack. The characters explore aspects and disparities of wealth and poverty, community and ownership, peace and violence. The beautiful writing conjures the image of a family back to back to back in their copse, guarding each other, fighting off the outside world.

–Andy Holcomb
Publisher Representative,
Fujii Associates

Featured in January 2018 newsletter