1324 Pomona Rd.

Steward: Vicky Henry

Vicky Henry is a retired Community High English teacher who was inspired to get her own Little Free Library after visiting several others with her three grandchildren. Her Little Free Library can be found at 1324 Pomona Rd., on Ann Arbor’s west side.

Rachel Pastiva: When did you put up your Little Free Library, and where did it come from?

Vicki Henry
: Three years ago my son Joel Henry-Fisher (an artist and carpenter) built my LFL and installed it. He and his children have donated many books to this library.

Rachel: What inspired you to create one?

Vicky: I was inspired by how much fun it was for my grandchildren and me to visit the Little Free Libraries around town. Also, I love books and reading, so I thought it would be fun to have one.

Rachel: What did you envision the library’s role would be in your neighborhood?

Vicky: Since a lot of people walk, walk their dogs, or walk to and from Wines, Forsythe,  and Skyline up and down my street, I thought it would attract many different readers. I thought my neighbors would enjoy it and that people would stop to chat by the library. I have a little gnome garden at the base of my library and I love seeing little kids checking it out.

Rachel: Have you discovered any great new books left from users of your library?

Vicky: I found Dorothy Allison’s Cavedweller. I had not read that novel and I love Allison’s writing.

Rachel: What has been the most surprising aspect of being a steward of a LFL?

Vicky: Any time I start to worry that the library needs books, more books appear. I have also had people add animals and gnomes to the garden.

Rachel: Have you received any feedback from users of your library?

Vicky: My neighbors have thanked me and told me how much they enjoy watching the flow of books.  I have had specific requests for books from tween readers, so I look for those books when I shop used book sales. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. My mailman takes books and a taxi driver visits the library, too!

Featured in May 2018 newsletter