Peace Neighborhood Center

Address: 1111 N. Maple Rd.

Stewards: Peace Neighborhood Center

Peace Neighborhood Center‘s Little Free Library was a project installed in May of 2015, by the Haisley Elementary PTO, who gifted the Peace Neighborhood Center with a library due to the number of under-served youth who attend their programs. Constructed by two Skyline High School students, the library is mostly utilized by students in their after-school and summer programs, but is open to the public and used regularly.

Kevin Lill, Director of Development, believes the Little Free Library plays an important role in the work this nonprofit organization does for our community. “Peace Neighborhood Center serves upwards of 150 youth each year, 90% of whom come from households with a below-median income.  These students are competing in an academic environment with students who come from a completely different socioeconomic background.  Peace Neighborhood Center seeks to level the playing field for these young people by providing safe, supportive after-school and summer services with a focus on the individual academic and social issues each child may face.  Reading is a focus subject of all of our programs and having this unique free library on-site has contributed greatly to the literacy and academic health of many of the children in our programs. We have heard nothing but positive statements from clients and members of the community at large since it went up three years ago.  We operate a transitional housing facility on our property and we hear regularly from one of the residents there that their children are always checking out books from the free library.  This is a great and beneficial service to our families.”

Featured in June 2018 newsletter